We will be at SLAS2020, visit us at booth #1329

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27-29 January, 2020

See you at SLAS2020, booth #1329

Venue: San Diego Convention Center, CA
Date: 25-29 Jan 2020
Booth: 1329

SPT Labtech’s portfolio of products are designed for discovery through collaboration, deep application knowledge and leading engineering. We enable scientists within drug discovery, sample management and genomics to accelerate research by improving workflow efficiency, minimizing assay volumes and reducing costs. Let’s make a difference together, come see our unique range of automated liquid handling and sample management solutions at booth #1329.

  • arktic – biological library -20°C or -80°C automated storage
  • comPOUND – compact, secure storage and rapid automated delivery from -20°C storage
  • dragonfly discovery – accurate, automated multi-channel assay development for multifactorial assay development and validation for HTS
  • mosquito – low-cost, low-volume compound addition and dilution, assay ready plate preparation, high-speed hit picking, serial dilutions or miniaturized (nL volume) NGS library prep

Customer workshops & podium presentations:

Monday 27th, 5 - 6pm, Poster # 1063-D
Poster presentation: comPOUND meets acoustiX tube –how proven technology adapts to new tunes! 
Paul Lomax - Product Manager for Sample Management, SPT Labtech

This poster provides an overview of the work done to date and subsequent beta testing that should result in acoustiX tube compatibility for the comPOUND during 2020. The poster provides an overview of the workflow along with the minor deviations compared to the Brooks/Labcyte workflow.

Tuesday 28th, 2 - 2.45pm, Room 3
Exhibitor Workshop: Discover the benefits of miniaturized assay development, validation and CRISPR functional genomics screening, by overcoming common liquid handling challenges
Christina Minnick – Merck WP
Sapna Desai – GSK (Stevenage)
Joby Jenkins - Director of Product Strategy, SPT Labtech

Tuesday 28th, 5 - 6pm, Poster # 1101-B
Poster presentation: A set of miniaturized high-throughput library protocols for RNA sequencing
Joby Jenkins - Director of Product Strategy, SPT Labtech

Here we describe a set of protocols for Illumina library preparation from bulk RNA at miniaturized reaction volumes. Methods for preparation of long RNA-seq libraries (using either polyadenylated RNA enrichment or rRNA depletion) and small RNA-seq libraries were established on a mosquito pipetting robot that enables accurate liquid transfers at nanoliter to microliter volumes.

Tuesday 28th, 5 - 6pm, Poster # 1078-D
Poster presentation: Lab of the future – Are tomorrows dreams already today’s reality?
Paul Lomax - Product Manager for Sample Management, SPT Labtech

This poster explores ways that this simple well-established technology is well placed to deliver the needs of tomorrow and provide the backbone on which to build the lab of the future.

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