We will be at SLAS Europe 2018, booth #210!

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27-29 June, 2018

Meet the team at SLAS Europe 2018 and discover how our instruments can assist you!

Venue: Square Meeting Center, Brussels, Belgium
Date: 27 - 29 June 2018
Booth: 210

SLAS Europe 2018 will bring together over 1,000 Academic and Industry scientists and technologists from across Europe and beyond. The event has three tracks addressing emerging and hot areas in Biology, Technology and Discovery.

Our team of experts will be on hand to showcase to you the benefits of our instruments in the areas of drug discovery, genomics, structural biology and sample management.

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Don’t miss the scientific presentations given by our collaborators at SLAS Europe 2018!

Date: Wednesday, 27th June
Time: 10:30 – 11:30 am
Where: studio 311

Title: Accelerating, miniaturized assay development and mechanistic biology – exploring a collaborative approach to reduce early drug discovery cycle times
Presenter: Daniel A. Thomas, PhD (GSK)
Abstract: The complexities of assay development, and challenges associated with validating and transferring assays into HTS are well known bottlenecks in the drug discovery process.  Industry experts from GSK and TTP Labtech will discuss how they have collaborated in order to address this with the application of a novel liquid handling technology, which can be utilized for both complex, multifactorial assay development experiments as well as large scale, high throughput, drug discovery screening.  dragonfly discovery has enabled researchers at GSK to significantly reduce assay development costs and cycle times, through the application of automated design of experiment (DoE), which has led to an improvement in reproducibility and a subsequent increase in assay quality.     

Title: Efficient and high-throughput mining of the B cell repertoire to discover antibodies with desirable characteristics
Presenter: Ruth McElhone, Antibody discovery Scientist, UCB)

  • UCB’s Core antibody discovery platform is used to find high quality functional monoclonal antibodies to a range of therapeutic targets, including those that are considered extremely challenging. 
  • It combines high-throughput B cell culture screening, and the identification and isolation of single, antigen specific IgG-secreting B cells through a proprietary technique called the ‘fluorescent foci method’. 
  • We utilize the TTP Labtech mirrorball device to perform multiplex primary binding assays enabling us to define antibody specificity early in the screening cascade.
  • Our Core platform also enables the discovery of antibodies to challenging cell surface targets, where immunization, screening and single B cell isolation are all performed in the absence of purified protein.  

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 TTP Labtech enable life scientists through collaboration, deep application knowledge and leading engineering to accelerate research and make a difference together. We offer a portfolio of products which minimize assay volumes, improve workflows and reduce costs within drug discovery, structural biology, molecular biology and genomics.

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