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11-13 November, 2018

Meet the team at PSDI 2018...

Venue: Hotel Le Louis Versailles Chateau, Versailles
Date: 11-13 Nov 2018
Booth: #16

We hope you will join us at the event where our team will be on hand to discuss with you the benefits of our instruments, such as dragonfly crystal.

Our dragonfly crystal screen optimizer enables complex crystallization gradients or optimization screens to be rapidly and accurately prepared, even with viscous liquids, while eliminating cross-contamination.

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Title: chameleon: A Pico-liter Dispense, Self-Wicking System For Automated Plunge Freezing
Joby Jenkins, TTP Labtech
Time: 12.05 - 12.15

Abstract: Protein structure determination is fundamental to the understanding of function, providing context for both individual proteins and within large biological complexes. Recent developments in the field of cryoEM have automated and streamlined the data collection and analysis processes, while direct electron detectors and their associated improvements in resolution have now become standard equipment in many imaging facilities. Advances in microscopes, data collection strategies and computational approaches have shifted the bottleneck to cryoEM sample preparation, which remains highly challenging and a barrier to broader adoption of the method beyond traditional cryoEM laboratories.

To facilitate this adoption, ease-of-use improvements, such as reducing manual grid handling and variability between grid freezing sessions, are necessary. In addition, reduction in the sample volume necessary for preparation of multiple grids will enable this technique to be used with difficult to acquire samples. And the decreased time the sample spends on the grid prior to freezing may lessen the challenges of preferential orientation caused by interactions with either the support film or the air-water interface. Together, these advances will enable consistent structure determination for broad ranges of targets.

The development of a blotting-free approach to cryoEM sample preparation has been previously described as Spotiton [1-2]. The newest version of this instrument, chameleon, uses picolitre amounts of sample applied to self-blotting grids, allowing for automated rapid vitrification and removing the need for blotting or evaporation to create a thin film prior to freezing.

We provide here a development update on the chameleon instrument and associated self-wicking grids. We highlight recent data from collaborating groups using samples from a variety of target classes.

1. T Jain et al, J Struct Bio 179 (2012), p. 68
2. I Razinkov et al, J Struct Bio 195 (2016), p. 190

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Quick dates to keep note of:

  • The meeting will take place from Sunday 11th to Tuesday 13th November, 2018
  • Drinks reception will be located at Hotel Le Louis Versailles Chateau, Sunday 11th November, 2017
  • The Meeting Dinner will be located at "Les Salons de l'Hôtel France", Versailles, Monday 12th November, 2018.