New methods towards efficient and high-throughput drug-target screening


10-10 February, 2021

10 February 2021 2.00pm GMT

Benjamin Housden from University of Exeter will present a webinar describing new methods to improve data quality from high-throughput screens. This webinar will describe the development of multiple new methods that we have developed to systematically address these issues. First, we use a cross-species screening approach to identify targets with the greatest chance of successful translation into complex model systems. Furthermore, we have developed an innovative screening assay, called Variable Dose Analysis (VDA). The VDA method generates a gradient of expression of the target gene across a population of cells and assesses how phenotypes change with expression level. This leads to a dose curve readout for each target gene screened, improving detection of genetic interactions by increasing signal-to-noise ratio and allowing analysis of essential genes. We have already applied these methods to find effective drugs for three tumourigenic diseases and to screen for synergistic drug combinations.

Learn about solutions for common problems in drug-target discovery and hear about three case studies where new approaches to screening have identified high-quality candidate drugs for proliferative diseases.

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