New England LRIG Social 2018

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07-07 June, 2018

Focus on dragonfly discovery at New England LRIG Social 2018

Venue: Flattop Johnny's, Kendall Square
Date: 7 June 2018

Join us at Flat Top Johnny's for great conversations in the world of Laboratory Automation and Systems. Meet with members of LRIG with ideas, and enjoy the atmosphere and delicious food!

We will be there, showcasing the game changer, dragonfly discovery, the innovative, low volume liquid handler that can significantly reduce assay development time and greatly improve assay robustness in screening.

Why dragonfly discovery?

  • simple walk-up and use instrument
  • intuitive UI for complex assay design enables DoE
  • nothing to wash, maintain, check, calibrate prior to a run
  • easy to set up reagent reservoirs
  • smooth transition from assay development through HTS to hit-to-lead
  • automated work cell for small-scale screening
  • automation friendly for work cell integration

Discover more about the instruments unique and innovative solutions - watch here

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