Merck Technology Symposium 2018

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05-06 September, 2018

Meet dragonfly discovery at Merck Technology Symposium 2018

Venue: Ocean Place Resort, Long Branch, NJ, USA
Date: 5-6 September 2018
Booth: TBA

Join us at the Merck Technology Symposium 2018!

Visit our booth were our team of experts will be on hand to showcase our innovative, low volume liquid handler that can significantly reduce assay development time and greatly improve assay robustness in screening - meet dragonfly discovery

We will also be presenting on the topic - High throughput Screening / High Throughput Experimentation

Title: Significantly reduce assay development time and improve HTS efficiency with dragonfly discovery
Date: 5 September
Time: 4pm
Location: Monmouth Ballroom

The complexities of assay development, and challenges associated with validating and transferring assays into HTS are well known bottlenecks in the drug discovery process. While traditional, iterative assay development remains a critical approach in the pharmaceutical industry, it can be a long, sometimes challenging and cumulatively expensive. In this context, there has been renewed interest in employing methodologies, such as Design of Experiment (DoE), to apply a more statistical, streamlined approach. Automation to carry out complex DoE experiments has always been a limiting factor, both in terms of speed and cost. Here we will discuss the application of a novel liquid handling technology to address these longstanding issues. dragonfly discovery employs true positive displacement technology to enable the dispensing of all aqueous solutions and solvents, from 200 nL up to the capacity of the tip, 4 mL. It can be employed for both complex, multifactorial assay development experiments (offering the ability to import JMP software files, for DoE) as well as large scale, high throughput drug screening campaigns.  Through automation, the use of up to ten independent channels and no requirement for liquid classification, complex matrices and gradients can be rapidly and directly prepared in 384 or 1536 formats. Each disposable tip has a low minimum dispense volume of 200 nL and a low dead volume, which enables comprehensive miniaturized assay optimization with precious reagents such as proteins or cells. System performance and the overall impacts on workflow will be reported through data offered by early industry adopters for HTS applications, highlighting 1536-well plate fills in as little as 85 seconds, sub-3% CVs and accuracies within 1% of the request volume.

We hope you will be able to join us!

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