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20-22 September, 2018

We hope to see you at HEC21

Venue:  Wyndham Garden Hotel, Quedlinburg, Germany
Date: 20-22 September 2018
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Discover the protein crystallographers' favorite liquid handlers, at HEC21!

Meet the team and see mosquito Xtal3 in action, our latest edition to our liquid handling portfolio.

The mosquito Xtal3 is an evolution of the renowned mosquito crystal - combining the same speed, accuracy and performance in crystallization drop set up with a new application focused touch screen interface.

With mosquito Xtal3, you can use smaller volumes of precious protein sample with no risk of cross-contamination. This results in cost savings and allows more extensive screening. You can automate all the popular protein crystallization screening techniques (hanging drop, sitting drop and microbatch as well as seeding or additive screening plate preparation) without the need to make set-up changes to the instrument.

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