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02-04 October, 2018

Join us at Ecole Thématique de Criblage CNRS 2018

Venue: Center Vacanciel Carry Le Rouet, Marseille, France
Date: 2-4 October 2018
Booth: TBA

Visit our team of experts at Ecole Thématique de Criblage CNRS 2018, amd discover our instruments for sample management and liquid handling, utilized in the area of drug discovery.

arktic: A flexible and affordable -80°C automated sample store  >> watch the video

  • True cherry picking - ensures that only the required samples are retrieved and avoids unnecessary thawing / freezing cycles
  • 2D barcoded labware - samples are tracked and stored and retrieved with the simplicity and speed of a vending machine
  • Novel pneumatic technology - minimizes the need for robotics in the cold zone, providing reliable long-term operation

comPOUND: Scalable, modular and future proof compound management at -20°C, +4°C and ambient  >> watch the video

  • select any library subset quickly to meet the needs of your screening department
  • reduce potential damage to library stocks by only cherry-picking the samples you need
  • ensure throughput grows with your library by processing samples in parallel
  • easily expand your sample storage capability. Additional modules can be integrated in response to growing library size.

dragonfly discovery: Significantly reduce assay development time and improve HTS efficiency  >> watch the video

any liquid, any volume, any well, any time!

This innovative technology enables assays to be developed directly in high density (up to 1,536-well) plate format using a common liquid handling platform that can also perform assay validation and subsequent HTS.

mosquito HTS: Cost effective assay miniaturization with mosquito HTS, the nanolitre liquid handler  >> watch the video

mosquito HTS liquid handling robot can be used for miniaturizing a wide range of applications that require accurate low volume pipetting without the risk of cross-contamination

We hope you will be able to join us!

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