2018 SLAS Americas Sample Management Symposium

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13-14 November, 2018

Meet the team at 2018 SLAS Americas Sample Management Symposium

Venue: Boston, MA, USA
Date: 13-14 November 2018
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Join us at 2018 SLAS Americas Sample Management Symposium: Managing Samples from Bench to Clinic, with a program curated by practicing sample management experts, this event will impart the latest education, case studies and best practice in sample management, with a focus on drug discovery processes.

Our team will be on hand to showcase our portfolio, perfect in the area of sample management. Discover arktic, our flexible and affordable -80°C or -20°C automated sample store. With efficient management of 2D barcoded samples, easy access and stable temperatures that give you unrivaled security for your -80°C or -20°C biostorage requirements. Applications include: storage of DNA, RNA, protein, antibody, plasma, serum and other biobanking needs.

Have you heard about the novel sample and data transfer network system, lab2lab! A unique pneumatic transport system for samples in 2D barcoded tubes. This could be anything from sending samples between laboratories, storage systems or directly to online analysers such as an LC/MS or NMR.

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Title: Low Cost, Scalable, High Density Automated Storage
Speaker: Paul Lomax
Abstract: Secure storage of samples in 2D bar coded tubes with rapid retrieval; available in a range of temperatures from ambient to -80°C. Ideal for small to medium size libraries, our systems are modular and scalable, with additional accessories for downstream sample processing, providing future proof solutions for your growing needs.
When: Wednesday, November 14th, 11:25 AM - 11:35 AM
Where: Press Room, Omni Parker House, Boston, MA 02108, USA

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