Webinar: crystallography platforms for iterative protein-ligand complex determination

mosquito crystal, 

dragonfly crystal


In this webinar recording, Dr Andrew Turnbull, Cancer Research Technology (CRT), discusses developing robust crystallography platforms for iterative protein-ligand complex structure determination.

He gives:

  • a practical guide to techniques for obtaining protein-ligand complex crystals
  • case studies on the crystallography cascade at Cancer Research Technology
  • experimential details on using TTP Labtech’s dragonfly and mosquito robots.

For structure-based drug design, iterative protein-ligand complex crystal structure determination is essential to guide medicinal chemistry. For the crystallographic data to have impact, complex structures must keep pace with chemistry efforts. However, the development of robust crystallography platforms capable of generating complex structures ‘on demand’ remains one of the most challenging aspects of structure-based drug discovery.

Automation through the use of robotics e.g. the dragonfly and mosquito robots (TTP Labtech) has facilitated rapid complex structure determination in the majority of cases where crystallization conditions and protein structures are already known. At Cancer Research Technology Ltd (CRT), ligand soaking and cocrystallization are routinely used to provide high-throughput crystallography support for in-house drug discovery programs.

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