Webinar: speed up in vitro cell cycle analysis

acumen Cellista


Cell cycle analysis for cancer drug discovery has been limited traditionally to flow cytometry which precludes analysis of adherent cells in situ. Now there is a new method that accurately identifies the cell cycle phases of every cell in a 384-well microplate in less than 8 minutes.

Dr Wylie will present case studies and explain how acumen is transforming cell cycle analysis, with:

  • real-time image capture and data processing
  • in situ analysis for screening large numbers of compounds or siRNAs
  • an end to complicated, expensive liquid handling
  • simple sample preparation
  • easy, template-based assay set up.

Dr Paul Wylie is senior applications scientist at TTP Labtech. He has worked for Pfizer Central Research, the Institute of Cell Signalling at Nottingham University, and Knoll Pharmaceuticals. He received a PhD from Leicester University on the role of G-protein coupled receptors in kinase signalling.