Webinar: NGS workflow miniaturization with low volume liquid handlers

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Klaus Hentrick

Creating the most optimized workflow is something that any researcher wants, and those focused on NGS are no different. Having the right overall design ensures that you know that your budgets, time and samples are being best used to get the data you need. But the big question is what can you add to your lab that enables you to reach that goal?

One key factor in achieving this is certainly Technology, however, this comes with the added complexity of identifying the right instrumentation and software that helps, not hinders your processes, and can work effectively at the sensitivities required within NGS.

Register today for this educational and informative webinar and:

  • Discover the methods for cost-effective deep transcriptome analysis with flow-sorted single cells
  • Gain insight into application examples from cell atlas, immunology and cancer research projects
  • Understand the rationale and applications for miniaturized NGS library preparation beyond single cells
  • Recognize how instrumentation can impact on optimized workflows