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high throughput phenotypic screening workflow for cytotoxicity determination


acumen Cellista, 

dragonfly discovery



Running targeted small molecule library screensfor phenotypic assays has a number of hurdles toovercome to be successful. Firstly, selecting the compounds for a specific targeted library to be screened can be time consuming to pick and assemble. Secondly, transferring a protocol from assay development into HTS can be troublesome, mainly caused by using different liquid handlers and/or, plate densities in the two processes. Finally, running phenotypic assays in high number compound screens can cause difficulties when using traditional imaging techniques due to; imaging time, data analysis and also storage of large quantities of data. Here we present a workflow using comPOUND® to rapidly cherry pick individual compounds, dragonfly® discovery for rapid reagent dispensing into 1,536 well plates and acumen® Cellista for reporting medium content data from multiplexed phenotypic screening assays. We highlight the benefits using cell viability and proliferation assays as a case study. Cell health is a fundamental tool in the drug discovery process used to evaluate both the potency of compounds, as well as their toxicity profiles for drug safety assessments.