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dragonfly discovery

Disrupting the liquid dispensing landscape: dragonfly® discovery


Reagent dispensing redefined with dragonfly discovery and Green Button Go Automation

dragonfly discovery

Antha and dragonfly discovery Rapid, automated execution of a high-dimensional space-filling DoE for assay development


getting it sorted! - managing large sample collections with small compact automated storage

Automated assay development, Antibody discovery

Cells dispensed by dragonfly discovery show normal proliferation, health and apoptotic responses in a range of cell types

Antibody discovery

Development of a homogenous RSV neutralisation assay on the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer

Automated assay development, Low volume liquid handling, Antibody discovery, Screening, Cell-based assays

Automation and miniaturisation of compound serial dilution using the mosquito HV

Antibody discovery

Improving the reliability of cell-based immunoassay screening through multiplexing with mirrorball

Antibody discovery

A multiplexed cell-based assay for antibody screening

Cell-based assay screening, Cell-based assays

High throughput quantification of HepG2 cell colony formation in soft agar

Cell-based assay screening, Cell-based assays

Eliminating false-negative hits in ATP‑luminescence viability screens by use of an alternative phenotypic approach with acumen Cellista

Cell-based assay screening

siRNA screening - from sample storage to phenotypic results

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