Antha and dragonfly discovery Rapid, automated execution of a high-dimensional space-filling DoE for assay development

dragonfly discovery

Application notes


SPT Labtech and Synthace have joined forces to push the boundaries in physical execution of complex Design of Experiment (DoE) campaigns. DoE investigations are extremely powerful experiments that enable the rapid optimization of many inputs and parameters simultaneously. The ability to quickly and easily execute and analyze higher granularity, multifactorial characterisations of biological processes is particularly valuable to assay development groups, who are expected to work under time pressure with increasing modalities and more complexity without commensurate increases in resources. Discover how SPT Labtech's dragonfly discovery and Synthace's Anthena software were combined to characterize a spectrophotometric enzymatic assay using a space-filling DoE, totalling 3,456 runs for two sets of triplicates of 384 runs and the corresponding controls.