mirage rack scanner

Our smaller and more compact high resolution camera, for scanning 24, 48 & 96 SBS format racks

Mirage Acoustic can now scan the AcoustiX™ tubes used for Labcyte® Echo®

quick and easy setup

no CDs or dongles required

economical with a small footprint

free up bench space and maximize your budget

clear scanning from cryo-storage

reduced condensation through cryo-protective coating


durable construction with a 2-year guarantee

high-throughput capable

rapid scanning and simple data exports


easily integrated into any LIMS


Condensation is often a problem when scanning tubes straight from cryogenic storage. Our unique cryoprotective coating reduces the occurence of condensation; and as our method does not use electircal components, fans or heat, the operation is silent, reliable and does not compromise samples by thawing tubes.

Unparalleled scanning quality

The patented design of mirage and cube , automatically adjust light sensitivity, to compensate for different light levels. This means ultra-clear scanning at ambient as well as bright lighting conditions 

tube rack of a cube sample scanner
Intuitive technology

Intelligent scan information

The software displays the results of the scan and can identify the difference between a correctly scanned tube, a damaged barcode or a missing tube.

Technical specifications

Tube formats
Accepts all SBS format racks: 24, 48 & 96 well
Barcode type
Datamatrix 2D barcodes, option for Brooks™ mirage Acoustix™ tubes
1-2 seconds per rack
Data export format
Excel, XML, database
Physical dimensions (W x D x H)
208mm x 135mm x 80mm
Ordering information
mirage 2D barcode scanner (3106-00801)
Optional linear barcode rack scanner (SZZ00213)
mirage Acoustic software upgrade (3106-00802)
Operating systems:
Windows 10 and 7 (7 until the end of 2020)
2 years, additional years may be purchased
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