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image of a sol-R microplate used for antibody discovery

sol-R™ microplates

TTP Labtech’s sol-R microplate is an affordable, high-quality 384-well plate that has been designed to optimise your mirrorball® or acumen® fluorescence cytometer, it is equally compatible with microscope-based high content imaging devices.

Engineered to ensure confidence in your data the sol-R plate offers:

  • optimised design for reliable focus and well positioning
  • plate flatness and rigidity, without dimples
  • <3% CVs across the microplate in QC tests
  • high grade optical quality film for clarity
  • available in sterile and TC treated (cat #3056 0407), or non-sterile and non-TC treated (cat #3056 0404) formats

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a sol-R microplate used for antibody discovery

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