sol-R™ reagents

Making light work of ELISA

Quantify multiple soluble proteins in multiplexed, no-wash mirrorball immunoassays and save up to 90% of costs and sample with sol-R reagents.

Why not make your immunoassays work for you?

free scientists from mundane tasks

simple immunoassay reagent kits

data you can depend on

no-wash workflows reduce experimental variability and reproducibility

do more with less

save up to 90% of sample & costs

sol-R reagents

improve productivity to meet project deadlines

multiplex up to 5 targets

work the way you want to

immobilize whole protein, antibodies or fragments

removing limitations

consistent loading capacity across codes

The toolbox approach to ELISA 

Validated for use on mirrorball, sol-R toolbox reagents free up your team for judgment tasks through no-wash, multiplex immunoassays that reduce the opportunity for error and significantly improve laboratory productivity, whatever the target.

Switch to sol-R reagents and save 

Not only do sol-R immunoassays require just a fraction of your target antigens or antibodies compared to ELISA, but you can expect to save up to 90% of your budget and precious samples too. Contact us to calculate your potential savings.

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Innovation: coded beads for immunoassay multiplexing

Comparable loading capacity for outstanding assay quality

sol-R coded beads were designed in response to customer’s requests for a reagent tool that enabled no-wash immunoassay multiplexing with consistent and high loading capacity across bead codes.

High loading capacity ensures assay sensitivity. Consistent loading capacity across codes enables the user to compare binding to multiple target proteins in the absence of a standard curve (e.g. antibody discovery screening), simplifies assay set-up when multiplexing and ensures comparable data across multiple plates and screens.

Reinventing ELISA to meet the productivity requirements of modern science

Change from ELISA to sol-R™ toolbox reagents to enable multiplexed immunoassays.

Built for performance

We produce robust, reliable and easy to use products that improve workflow efficiency, leaving you to focus on the science.

Combinations of codes R1-R5 may be purchased for multiplexing up to five ELISAs into one.

Protocols are optimized for 384-well microplates and validated for analysis using mirrorball.

sol-R beads may be purchased in volumes for dispensing into five, 20, 50 and 100 microplates.

sol-R reagents

Built for performance

The workflow begins with immobilization of individual biotinylated target proteins, or antibodies onto individual sol-R streptavidin bead codes. Coated beads are stable and may be prepared in bulk and stored. Bead codes are subsequently combined, then dispensed into an assay plate with detection reagent and sample.

sol-R coupling

Built for performance

The workflow begins covalent coupling of individual antibodies, or target proteins onto individual bead codes using carbodiimide coupling chemistry. Coated beads are stable and may be prepared in bulk and stored. Individual codes are subsequently combined, then dispensed into an assay plate with detection reagent and sample.

sol-R coupling2

Built for performance

Convert your current ELISA antibody pairs, or target antigens into a sol-R no-wash format.

Shown are example indirect and sandwich fluorescence based ELISA (FLISA) formats using sol-R beads.

Note, toolbox reagents comprise of sol-R beads plus protocol only. Additional reagents must be purchased separately

sol-R assay format

Built for performance

Protocols couldn’t be simpler.

Just add, mix and read using mirrorball to free operators of mundane ELISA protocols and reduce the opportunity for error.


Technical specifications

Bead size
8.5µm +/- 0.4
Available codes
sol-R1 (colorless), sol-R2, sol-R3, sol-R4, sol-R5 (decoded based on intensity in mirrorball FL-4 channel (667-685 nm))
Bulk polymer
SOP instructions provide 500 beads per code per well
Microplate compatibility
Optimized for 384-well microplates
Storage recommendation
Store in a cool place (4-8°C)
Shelf life
12 months
Functionalisation options
Lab image

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