mirrorball® fluorescence cytometer

No-wash, multiplex immunoassays

We’ve re-engineered cytometry to revolutionize immunoassay workflows, delivering data-driven decisions faster, within budget and with confidence.

Removing the limitations of ELISA and flow cytometry

free scientists from mundane tasks

simple no-wash assay workflow

reliable no-fluidic design

no cross-contamination, no clogging

do more with less

conserve sample and budget

Mirrorball SPT

meet project deadlines

productive multiplexing and miniaturization

work the way you want to

multi-application and test model versatility

walk-up and use cytometry

innovative product design

mirrorball; transforming the efficiency of sandwich ELISAs

ELISAs are essential to drug discovery, but can become a bottleneck due to labor intensive protocols, inability to multiplex and large sample volume requirements.

Meet the solution – the highly sensitive mirrorball fluorescence cytometer and sol-RTM toolbox reagents!

A versatile tool for improving the speed, cost and quality of antibody discovery

Therapeutic antibody discovery represents a growth area within the pharmaceutical sector, however identifying and developing well characterized lead candidates with target specificity and species cross reactivity is time-consuming and costly.

Meet the solution – the mirrorball plate-based fluorescence cytometer and sol-R toolbox reagents!

laser light image
Innovation: laser scanning imaging cytometry

Redesigning the technology that matters to you into a format that works for you

Is mirrorball a flow cytometer, or an ELISA plate reader? Neither, mirrorball combines the best of both, using our industry-proven laser scanning fluorescence cytometry to provide innovative and reliable HTS friendly workflows that deliver gold standard data.
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We're revolutionizing fluorescence cytometry

Bringing the benefits of cytometry into a multi-plate screening environment, mirrorball’s no-wash, multiplex approach is set to become the future of immunoassays. Available in 1, 2, or 3 laser options.

Built for performance

We produce robust, reliable and easy to use products that improve workflow efficiency, leaving you to focus on the science.

Choose mirrorball to free your scientists from mundane tasks, reliably deliver data, save sample, budget and valuable time.

Built for performance

mirrorball’s innovative design:

  • eliminates routine cleaning/maintenance, clogging and cross-contamination
  • permits no-wash immunoassays and cell-based assays
  • enables target multiplexing  
  • provides compatibility with beads, suspension, or adherent cells
  • 12 minute microplate read times for 96, 384 and 1536 well microplates 
  • generates whole well images without mountains of data

mirrorball how it works

Built for performance

Make light work of ELISA, customize your own mirrorball immunoassays with sol-R toolbox reagents. 

We additionally supply purpose designed sol-R™ microplates for optimal instrument performance.

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sol-R reagents

Built for performance

Load and go templates for sol-R toolbox reagents, plus common cell-based applications are provided enabling data-driven decisions in 12 minutes.

An intuitive UI guides novel assay template development.

mirrorball's image-based approach provides confidence in results through visual confirmation of the well.

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mirrorball software screen image

Built for performance

For an effortless route to automation, mirrorball can be supplied with a fully-integrated plate stacker.

Ask us how you can integrate mirrorball with one of our award winning liquid handling instruments or automation workcells from major vendors.

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Technical specifications

Microplate scan and analysis time
average 12 minutes/plate (96-, 384- and 1,536-well microplates)
Laser excitation
choice of 405, 488 and 640 nm
FL1 (420-475 nm), FL2 (502-537 nm) FL3 (565-605 nm), FL4 (667-685 nm) FL5 (700-736 nm) and bead scatter
Scan area
whole well as standard
Standard data format
CSV file and open source TIFF export
Microplate compatibility
96, 384 and 1,536 well microplates
Test model compatibility
adherent cell (analyzed in-situ), suspension cell and sol-R bead
Physical dimensions (W x D x H) and weight
645 mm x 513 mm x 350 mm (25” x 20” x 14”)
Approx 60 kg (132 lbs)
See what our customers say

See what our customers say

Ideal instrument to miniaturize our screening of antibodies for binding of bead-bound and cell-displayed antigens.

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