acumen® Cellista

Practical imaging for cell-based assay screening

Bringing the benefits of a high content approach to cell-based assay screening, without the bottlenecks.

Effortless throughput for cell-based screening

get screening straight away

simple to operate, automate and integrate

do more with less

save time and costs through assay miniaturisation

work the way you want to

multi-application and multiplexing versatility

Acumen cellista SPT Labtech

reliability you can depend on

industry-proven throughput >2 million compounds/week

never miss a hit

full library screening capability

delivering data-driven decisions faster

innovative design eliminates screening bottlenecks

Improving the physiological relevance of high throughput screening

Through the simplicity of laser scanning cytometry, acumen Cellista enables full library screening against cell-based assays to ensure you never miss that potential hit. Determine efficacy and identify potential off-target cytotoxic effects early in discovery using this intelligent approach to yes/no decision making.

Raise productivity with a complimentary approach to high content imaging 

acumen Cellista provides a simple solution for improving workflow efficiency within hit-to-lead optimisation. Eliminate bottlenecks by moving simple, routine assays from high content imaging devices onto acumen, freeing up your instruments and operators to focus on more complex investigations.

laser light image
Innovation: laser scanning imaging cytometry

Eliminating screening bottlenecks: plate reader speed with higher content

Through unique optical design and an intelligent approach to data acquisition and analysis, acumen Cellista brings simplicity to phenotypic cell-based screening.

acumen's innovative design removes screening bottlenecks. With a primary focus on immediate yes/no decision making, its development was driven by the need to easily derive robust data from biologically relevant screens. Incorporating improvements to throughput, focusing and ease of use, acumen eliminates the need for specialist operators and significantly reduces time spent analysing, validating and managing data mountains.
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We're revolutionising cell-based assay screening

Available in two models, acumen Cellista and acumen Cellista HP, our instruments address the needs of small and large scale multi-user screening departments.

Built for performance

We produce robust, reliable and easy to use products that improve workflow efficiency, leaving you to focus on the science.

In its fourth generation, acumen Cellista has improved the productivity of large or small scale screening laboratories world-wide.

Built for performance

Laser scanning excitation through a large depth of field f-theta lens and photomultiplier tube (PMT) signal detection enables cellular and large 3D model imaging at high throughput. It provides whole-well imaging for four-colour multiplexed assays over a large area (18 mm x 18 mm) without re-focusing.

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Built for performance

Powerful yet approachable, Cellista gives you application flexibility combined with simplicity of operation.

It’s intelligent cytometric approach to data analysis is quick and easy to learn, eliminating the requirement for specialised operators. Data output files are small so you generate results without data mountains.

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Built for performance

The sol-RTM microplate is an affordable high-quality 384-well plate, developed to complement acumen® Cellista.

sol-R microplates are optimised for reliable focus, well positioning, flatness and optical clarity.

Available in sterile and TC treated (cat #3056 0407), or non-sterile and non-TC treated (cat #3056 0404) formats. 

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Built for performance

Integration within a fully automated HTS solution allows the highest levels of throughput, or for simple automation, acumen Cellista can be supplied with a fully-integrated plate stacker.

Ask us how you can integrate one of our award winning automated liquid handling instruments with acumen?

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Technical specifications

Microplate scan and analysis time (96-, 384- and 1,536-well microplates)
from 5 minutes for acumen Cellista
from 2.5 minutes for acumen Cellista HP
Sequential laser excitation
405 nm, 488 nm, choice of 561 nm, or 640 nm
4 channel PMT. Standard filter sets:
FL1 (420-470 nm), FL2 (500-530 nm), FL3 (565-605 nm or 575-640 nm both supplied), FL4 (>655 nm)
Scan area
whole well as standard
Standard data format
CSV file, open source TIFF export, .CData
Microplate compatibility
96, 384 and 1,536 well microplates
Physical dimensions (W x D x H) and weight
Bench-top instrument of 607 mm x 504 mm x 350 mm (26” x 20” x 14”)
Approx 50 kg (110 lbs)
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