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Detection instruments

High throughput cytometry fit for screening

Our Detection instrument portfolio brings the benefits of cytometry into screening. Through innovative laser scanning imaging technology and an intelligent approach to data analysis and validation, our solutions remove the throughput bottlenecks associated with alternative approaches.

Our versatile fluorescence cytometers are compatible with a wide range of multiplexed cell-based and immunoassay screening applications, where researchers benefit from delivering data-driven decisions faster, within budget and with confidence.

Laser scanning imaging cytometry

Bringing the benefits of cytometry to screening scale.

walk-up and use HTS friendly technology

simple to operate and simple to integrate

immediate data-driven decisions

fast read and analysis times

meet project deadlines

technology and data you can depend upon

multi-application and multiplex versatility

work the way you want to

designed to save

do more with less reagent, time and budget

innovative engineering

effortless throughput for cytometry applications

angled view of a mirrorball fluorescence cytometer
angled view of a mirrorball fluorescence cytometer

mirrorball® fluorescence cytometer

No-wash, multiplex immunoassays

Designed for discovery, the mirrorball fluorescence cytometer is a simple yet versatile solution that addresses the process inefficiencies of washed immunoassays.
Say goodbye to laborious singleplex ELISA protocols and hello to simple no-wash, multiplex assays.

Applications include: cell- and bead-based immunoassays, plus cell-based phenotypic assays.

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sol-R reagents
sol-R reagents

sol-R™ reagents

Making light work of ELISA

Quantify multiple soluble proteins in multiplex, no-wash mirrorball immunoassays and save up to 90% of costs and sample with sol-R reagents. Watch your productivity go up and your costs go down.

Applications include: self-customized sandwich, indirect and competition immunoassays using toolbox reagents.

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laser light image
Laser scanning imaging cytometry

Redesigning cytometry into a format fit for screening

Bringing the benefits of cytometry to the screening laboratory through unique optical design, plus an intelligent approach to data acquisition and analysis.
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