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Lab2lab.ini file - 12.2 Clients

These parameters in the lab2lab Director ini file can be used to control Client upgrade paths. It is an optional section.  

They are useful when implementing a Client update. If a connecting Client has a version below the compatible value, then the Client displays a message box asking the user to upgrade. If they accept, the new Client installer path is used to run the new installer.  

The final parameter is used to force Clients of certain versions to display a BETA Release label.  




Can be blank or, e.g., 2.1.0 or 2.1.x. Only the 3rd digit can be ‘x’ or ‘X’ as wildcard option. 


Can be empty or the full path to .msi file for new Client version. 


First three digits of a client version that should display a BETA label e.g. 2.1.4