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Lab2lab.ini file - 12.0

In the plain text lab2lab.ini file, the title of each section is enclosed in square brackets, and parameters and their values are separated by an ’=’sign e.g.  


You can edit the lab2lab.ini file, without needing to contact SPT Labtech. Use a text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++ or Sublime. 

The tables below detail the parameters the ini file can hold.  

Some parameters, such as method names and NMR solvents, can vary in number by adding a ‘.’ followed by an incrementing integer value. The upper limit of the incremented value is set in the “Count” parameter which is defined in the same section. If no value is given for an incremented parameter value then that entry is ignored. 
For example, in the method section below lab2lab would read in the MethodCount value of 5 and use that as the limit when checking for method names. It would then step through the method names from 1 to 5 and read in the values for methods 2, 3 and 5, ignoring the blank entries for methods 1 and 4. lab2lab would also ignore the entries for methods 6 and 7. 

All the various sections and their parameters are listed below.  

If the file is edited while lab2lab is running the changes can either be implemented immediately by using the 'Refresh' button on the Client section of Settings or by waiting until midnight when lab2lab will automatically re-read the file’s contents and implement and changes. Implementing changes to the available methods includes distributing the new list to all instances of the lab2lab Client as well as checking the available methods on each instrument.