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Lab2lab software overview - 3.0

lab2lab is controlled by the Director application. There is only ever one instance of this per system. Scientists use lab2lab Client software on PCs in their labs to specify analytical methods for each sample. Data is sent from Clients to the Director, which schedules running the sample on one or more instruments. Director decides, based on status and associated data, when a vial is to be transport from one location to another. Only one vial is transported at a time.  

As well as controlling the peripheral devices, the Director application keeps track of all vials in the system. The data pertaining to vials is persistent, so when the Director application is shut down and restarted, it retains knowledge of the location and state of all the vials. Director uses an Oracle database to handle its active data. 

Communication between the various software applications is through defined interfaces. lab2lab Clients communicate with the lab2lab Director through a lab2lab specific interface. Similarly, there are specific interfaces enabling the various types of analytical instruments to communicate with lab2lab Director. These may be lab2lab specific interfaces e.g. for Waters Acquity, or may use proprietary software interfaces e.g. for Brucker NMR.

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