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Lab2lab director: configuration - 5.1 Lab2lab system configuration

When the lab2lab Director software starts up it reads in the contents of the files in its Config sub-folder.

5.1.1 Config.xml

This configuration file is an XML formatted file detailing all the low-level connection and set up information the system needs. The file comprises a series of key-value pairs with one key-value pair per line. The values for the key-value pairs are formatted with quote marks. This file is human readable but if it is corrupted the system will not be able to function and it may not be obvious where in the file the error is, so SPT Labtech recommends that you contact us before editing this file.  

Not all the possible key-value pairs may be listed as some will be assigned a default value if they are not present. 

5.1.2 Lab2lab.ini

This file holds information about the number and names of the methods available for scientists to select. Waters instrument methods also include some associated parameters. The contents of this file are read in at start up. 

This file can be edited following these instructions.  

5.1.3 licence.lic

Each lab2lab system has an encrypted license file issued by SPT Labtech. It specifies which features the system is permitted to have e.g. the number and type of instruments, number of Clients and so on. It may also include license information about special features in the software and any applicable expiration dates. The details of the system license can be viewed from the ? menu on the Director main menu bar. 

5.1.4 SchematicLayout.xml

This file holds information about where on the main Director system layout view the various components should be positioned e.g. so they are representative of the physical layout. When the layout is edited by a user, the software automatically updates this file. This file is created by the Director software when it first starts up.