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Submitting a sample through lab2lab - 1.0

  1. Filter your sample.
  2. Fill a lab2lab vial with your sample (50ul minimum - 350ul maximum).
  3. Click the cap on firmly. Did you hear the click? If not, the cap is not secure.
  4. Open the lab2lab Client software. 
  5. Use the PC's barcode reader to scan your vial's barcode. 
  6. Type in your Sample Reference or ELN reference in the Sample Reference field.
  7. Select the priority level for your sample. 
  8. Choose where your vial should be sent on completion. 
  9. Optionally, add a comment, which will be displayed with the analytical data. 
  10. Click one or more methods on the instrument tabs and add user parameters.
  11. Click Register. If the button is not enabled, you have not completed the registration form. 
    The form will close, your vial will be registered and you can load it using a Sender. 
  12. Put the Sender cover knob into the vial loading position. 
  13. Place the vial, cap upwards, into any hole.
  14. Release the cover knob to close the cover. If you cannot close it, the vial is upside down or the cap is too high. Remove it, correct the problem and try again. Do not try and force the lid to close.