Transport pipes - 9.1 Installing PTFE pipes

If routing PTFE pipes in electrical trunking, be aware of the following restrictions: 

  • The maximum continuous PTFE pipe length is 100m as pipes are supplied on 100m reels. Connectors for runs in excess of 100m can be supplied. 
  • The minimum bend radius for PTFE pipes is 300mm 

    If routing PTFE pipes in conduits, the above restrictions apply and these additional warnings: 

    • SPT Labtech recommends that if using a single large bore conduit to run multiple pipes in parallel, do not tape the feeding-in and feeding-out ends of the pipes together. If pipes are run in parallel, then the pipes on the outside of the bundle will need to go further round any bends than those on the inside. Not taping the pipes in a bundle allow the pipes exiting the conduit to bend within the specified minimum radii. 

    Where lab2lab pipes are run in multi-story buildings, SPT Labtech recommends that no more than 7 pipes be bundled together in each conduit. If necessary multiple conduit runs should be made, one to each floor. 

    9.1.1 Labelling pipes

    When installing pipes, label them at both ends. This will aid identification during installation.  

    A simple labelling scheme can be used as this will be replaced during installation by reliance once the Router pipe locations have been defined. 

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