Installing devices - 4.4 Building2building Transceiver

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building2building Transceiver 

The lab2lab building2building Transceiver is specifically designed to be wall mounted. The Transceiver can be mounted at any height but should be at a convenient height for routine maintenance. The transport pipes exit at the top into the ceiling space for distribution to the other devices: the recommended space allowed is 1000mm from the ceiling. Services are connected to the bottom of the Transceiver. 

Mount the building2building Transceiver to a solid surface such as a wall, using load bearing anchor points. Mounting dimensions are shown below. 


Fix 4 off M8 steel masonry anchors with 20mm exposed thread from wall. 


You must ensure the four bolts have been pre-mounted to the wall in the agreed location before installation of the two Transceivers. 

SPT Labtech will fit the Transceiver to the provided bolts and secure during installation in both labs. 


4.4.1 Building2building configuration

building2building is used for long distance transport (100 - 800m as standard: for longer distances contact SPT Labtech). A building2building system consists of a pair of Transceiver units connected by a transport pipe. Each Transceiver also has an external transport pipe leading to a Sender, Collection Station or Router. The Transceivers have a 90° indexing rotor and are capable of sucking and blowing vials in either direction. A vial arrives at a rotor and is detected by a vacuum sensor. It is then rotated to the correct orientation and aligned with a through hole, through which it is sent long distances. 


Control of the Transceivers and communication with the external devices is handled by the building2building software application (latest version:, requiring 64 bit Windows 10). This can be installed on any PC on the network, (one with 8Gb RAM is advisable). 


The system can be configured in numerous different ways. The figure above shows the user interface of the building2building application when the system is set up to connect two lab2lab systems but building2building can also be used purely as a standalone vial transfer system with a Sender at one end and a Collection Station at the other.  


Alternatively building2building can be configured to receive vials from a Sender unit and send them to a lab2lab system, or vials could come from a lab2lab system to be sent to a Collection Station. 


When sending a vial to a lab2lab system, building2building handles any long distance vial transfers while lab2lab manages and distributes local vials. lab2lab only becomes aware of the vial when it arrives in the local Transceiver. At that point handshaking takes place between the two software applications and the vial is sent to the lab2lab Router.  


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