Tracking vials in the lab2lab system - 3.0

Use the Vials tab in the Client software to keep track of your vial's progress, or to monitor how busy the system is. The table shows all the vials currently known to the lab2lab system. The number of samples queueing for each instrument is shown at the bottom left of the screen. The average time to analysis is also shown; this will vary throughout the day. 

Client - vials table

Click on any column header to order by that value. If the vial list is very long, it can be searched using the filter options at the top. It can also be ordered by clicking on the top of any of the columns. You can use the 'Reset Order' button to return to the default view.  

The Vial List contains data on every vial that lab2lab is aware of (some may not be currently physically in the system, if they have been registered but not yet loaded, or have recently been disposed of). The table below list the columns and their meanings: 



Sample Reference 

The Sample Reference or ELN value associated with this vial. 


The value of the 2D barcode at the bottom of the vial. 


Normal, Low or Overnight 

Method count 

Total number of methods associated with this vial. 


Latest known vial location in the lab2lab system 

Sent from 

The Sender used to load the vial. 


Time and Date that the vial details were registered in the system. 


Time and Date that the vial first physically entered the system. 


Time and Date that the vial left lab2lab. 

The background color of the vials represents their status e.g. waiting to be analyzed.  

Client - colour key

You can search for your vial by either the Sample Ref or the Vial Barcode. Selecting a vial shows information about its analytical methods, below the main table. This view shows you which analyses have completed: your analytical data will be sent to you directly from the instruments, this is unchanged by lab2lab. 

Client - methods for one vial

The color code here shows which instrument will be used to run the listed method; this will be specific to each lab2lab system. 'More than one type' is used if there are multiple instruments available which could be used to run the same analysis. 

Client - method colour key


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