System - 11.1 - Instruments

The System Instruments view is firefly's opening screen if you are logged on an administrator.

The instruments screen shows the details of the connected firefly instrument, real or simulated.
As standard, it is only available to administrators.
You should not need to make any changes to your instrument but if there is a problem with it, you
may need to check that it has started and connected.

1. Open System, Instruments, and select the instrument in use.A screenshot of a computer

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2. Click Power On, if the system is not running.

3. When the Power On button is renamed to Shutdown and firefly is running, click Connect

4. Once the Connect button is renamed to Disconnect, the instrument can be used.

You can also add a new system:

  1. Click + Add a new system.
  2. Select the type of instrument to add. 
  3. Complete the mandatory system info. SPT Labtech will configure this at installation.
  4. If there is a currently connected instrument, select it, then select Disconnect. When it has disconnected, click Shutdown.
  5. Select the new instrument in ‘Current Systems’, then select Power On. When the system is running, click Connect.

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