Starting firefly - 4.0

Turn on the instrument, using the on/off button located on the right-hand side of firefly.

main switch

After a few moments the instrument lights will come on, showing that it is ready for use, and the firefly tablet will start up.

Log in to Windows on the tablet.

Select the firefly app icon and log in to the firefly software by selecting your user account icon and entering your passcode.

Login screen

What you will see next depends on your user level.

If you have standard access, you will be able to open and run existing protocols. If you have
previously run protocols on your instrument, they will be listed under 'Open a Recent Protocol'.
You must select a protocol to run.

Opening screen standard user

If you are a super user, you will be able to download protocols from the cloud, or write your own, and you will see create and open options on the opening screen.

Opening screen super user

If you are an administrator, you will see system administration options.

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