Running a protocol - 6.6 - Unloading firefly

At the end of a protocol, you will need to clear all labware and consumables from firefly, ready for
the next user.

On opening the door the decks can be moved freely and all labware and consumables can be
accessed and removed for disposal or storage according to your SOPs. Syringes can be left on the firefly and used again in the next run or replaced with new syringes if required during the set up and loading of the next protocol.

6.6.1 Disassembling tip set

Unload the full cassette from the tip stand, being careful of the used tips, and open the hinged

Slide the tip array or strip tips out of the cassette from the open side. It is important to reduce
contact of the tips with the cassette at this point, to keep it clean. Tip cassettes are considered as part of the pipetting head mechanism and are not expected to come in contact with working surfaces of the tips or samples.

Cleaning tip cassettes with cleaning solutions is not recommended, and should not be required. If in exceptional circumstances it is unavoidable, follow these instructions carefully.

Dispose of used tips appropriately.

Close the gate of the cassette.

Clean the tip stand.

disassemble tips

6.6.2 Unloading reservoirs

unload reservoirs
  1. Remove the reservoir tray from the firefly and set it on a flat benchtop.
  2. Unload all reservoirs and empty them of the dead volumes of reagent, according to your SOPs. 
     - a. There is a small indentation to make it easy to pick up the reservoirs. 
     - b. Ensure reservoirs are disposed of appropriately, or wash any which you are going to reuse.
  3. Clean the reservoir tray if you have spilled any reagents, then replace it in the instrument.

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