Managing user accounts - 12.1 Managing your own account

firefly software is very flexible and allows you to set up whatever combination of user permissions
will be useful for your laboratory team. The sets of permissions are called profiles, and you can
revise them at any time, if you find that your first arrangement is not working well in practice. 

firefly software includes three standard profiles: standard user, super user and administrator, but
if you prefer you can create your own specific set of profiles to suit your company's roles. 

As standard, only administrators can access the profile and user management functions (though
all users can edit details of their own accounts).

Click on the user account button (circled in red) to access your account details. This function is
available to all users.

User account

Select 'Manage Account' from the menu, to update your details or change your passcode.

If you wish, you can also select to change your badge colour from that which firefly software set

Edit account

Select your department from the dropdown list. If it is not shown correctly, click the '…' button to 
revise or add information.

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