Designing protocols - 9.8 Version control

firefly automatically timestamps and versions all protocols when you save them.

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9.8.1 Rollback to a previous version

NOTE: Superusers do not have permission to roll back protocols by default. firefly administrators will need to add this permission to their profile, or create an additional profile type which has this permission. 

If you have made changes to a protocol which you subsequently decide are not helpful, you do not need to remove them all by hand if you have rollback permission.  

Open History for the protocol. If you have permission to rollback versions, the icon (circled in red) will appear white, as it does below.

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Select the version you wish to revert to - it could be any number of versions back - and click the rollback icon. The software will ask you to confirm the action. 

When you return to the Steps view, you will immediately see the form of the protocol which you selected to revert to.

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