Consumables - 3.3 Reservoirs

Reservoirs are available in three sizes: large, standard and low dead volume (LDV).

Large reservoirs have 45ml capacity and 5000µl recoverable dead volume.

Standard reservoirs have 10 mL capacity and fill level indicators for 5 mL and 10 mL. The dead volume is 200µL, which is recoverable.

Low dead volume reservoirs have 1.5 mL capacity and 30µL recoverable dead volume.

Reservoirs are disposable but can be washed after use to allow a number of re-uses if you wish.

The reservoir range available is:

  • Sterile-LDV (4150-07203)
  • Sterile-Standard (4150-07204)
  • Sterile-Large (TBD)
  • Non-Sterile-LDV (4150-07203)
  • Non-Sterile-Standard (4150-07201)
  • Non-Sterile-Large (TBD)

Please enquire about available large reservoir products.

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