Designing protocols - 9.10 Locking a protocol

NOTE: No user profile has permission to lock protocols by default. firefly administrators will need to add this permission to an existing profile, or create an additional profile which has this permission e.g. a QA function which has permission to design protocols (otherwise they will never see the lock functionality) and lock / unlock protocols.

If you have permission, you can lock a protocol to ensure there are no further edits. Select the protocol's Description. Under the protocol name is the current locked / not locked status, and the option to lock an unlocked protocol.

A white and blue text

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Click 'Lock' and the screen updates the lock status.

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Description automatically generated

If you now try and edit the steps or deck layout, it is not possible, preventing any accidental or unplanned changes.

You can also lock a protocol when saving it.

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Description automatically generated

Anyone who has permission to unlock protocols can unlock the protocol, using 'Unlock' on the protocol Description, as shown above.

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