Adding a pre-dispense delay

dragonfly discovery has an incubation lid fitted to allow the plate to sit and incubate for a userspecified time before continuing with the next dispense layer.

To delay the dispense of a specific layer, select the required layer and set the ‘Pre-Dispense Delay (min)’ to the desired time in minutes.

While the plate is waiting for the next dispense, the plate will be parked underneath the
incubation lid.

Creating a time course dispense

For more complicated timed dispenses, you can use a ‘timing map’ to specify time intervals
between dispenses to specific wells. This can only be used with single-component layers. Select
'Timing' on the PlateMap tab to add or remove a timing map.

A timing map is defined in minutes. In the following example, the first column will be dispensed
2.5 minutes after starting to dispense this layer, and the fifth column 30 minutes after the start.

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