Installation - dragonfly Discovery

Pre-installation requirements


The diagram below shows the space required for dragonfly discovery on a bench. Space for the
laptop is also required.

These dimensions are for the standard dragonfly discovery instrument. The Deep Well Block
variant, which can accommodate taller plates, has a height of 672mm. The width and depth are
the same as the standard instrument.

Environmental requirements

  • Stable laboratory temperature range of 18 – 28°C
  • Stable laboratory humidity range of 30% - 60% RH


  • dragonfly discovery mains power connection: 100-240VAC 3.0A 50/60Hz
  • Max power consumption: 200W
  • Laptop mains power connection: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Communication interface: Ethernet


dragonfly discovery is designed to be used on a laboratory bench which must be strong, stable
and reasonably flat. The bench must be able to comfortably support the mass of dragonfly
discovery which is 46kg for a 10-head instrument (the heaviest variant).

The bench should be stable and not prone to rocking as dragonfly discovery has a reciprocating
moving mass in the form of its plate stage and this is continuously moving during normal

The dragonfly discovery is supported on four feet which are non-adjustable and also act as
vibration dampers.


dragonfly discovery system connections are made as shown below.

The dragonfly discovery instrument and the laptop are connected using the Ethernet cable

Both the dragonfly discovery instrument and the PC must be plugged in to a mains power supply.

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