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Instrument specific configurations

Head indexes

Dragonfly is supplied in three machine configurations – 3, 6 or 10 heads. For all machine variants
heads are indexed from zero in the API. Consequently, the physical position of head zero in a 10
head machine differs to that on a 3 head machine.

In the table below ‘Head positions’ indicates the physical positioning of heads on DFD - as
displayed on the application’s user interface. Heads are ordered in accordance with the zerobased index that the API employs. For example, on a 3 head system B3’s index is 1, but on a 6 head system its index is 3.

Pumped Auto Feed Reservoirs

Some Dragonfly instruments may be configured to use pumped auto feed reservoirs. Care must
be taken to ensure that:

  • all pumps are connected
  • all pump channels are started

before a method is called that will use any head. This applies even if none of the required heads
use a pump-driven auto feed group. For example, if RunAsync() is called but one or more pump
channels have not been started, a DragonflyException will be raised. The exception is raised
even if the channel isn’t required to process the currently selected layer.

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