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event EventHandler<DragonflyAPIStatusChangedEventArgs> StatusChanged

StatusChanged is fired whenever the state of the instrument changes, for example:

  • When an experiment run is started or stopped
  • When the instrument enters or leaves an error state
  • Whenever an operation is competed (such as ‘move to park position’ or similar)
event EventHandler<DragonflyAPILogEventArgs> LogUpdateEvent

LogUpdatedEvent is fired at the same times as the StatusChanged event but returns a string that starts with the time it was fired, followed by the message.

event EventHandler<DragonflyPumpStatusChangedEventArgs>

AFRPumpsStatusChangedEvent is raised under the following circumstances:

  • When the comms connection with a pump is established or lost. Inspect the event’s AreAllAssignedPumpsConnected property for details.
  • When an individual pump channel is started or stopped. Note that the event may be raised
    multiple times as pump channels are started/stopped during the process of aspirating liquid
    from auto feed reservoirs. Inspect the event’s AreAllAssignedChannelsRunning property for details.

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