Saving the dispense file

Checking the design

Once all components, regions and gradients have been defined then move to the Export tab.

First enter the well volume that will be used in the optimisation.

NOTE: This can be changed later when dispensing using the main dragonfly software, unless the CSV is exported with actual volumes.

Press 'Calculate Optimisation'.

The dispense volumes for each component in each well will be displayed.

You can change also select to view Concentrations (for both standard components and for pH
System buffer mixes) or pH values.

Below are examples of the concentrations display, for both standard components, and for a pH

Below is an example of pH information for the same pH system.

Intermediate stock calculation

For gradients that cover a wide concentration range (e.g. n-fold gradients) the dispense volumes
can be lower than the minimum dispense volume, in which case the software calculates an
intermediate stock. It will appear as a separate component in the list of components on the Export page indicating the required stock concentration as well as the required amount.

To avoid intermediate stocks, check the possibility of changing:

  • the stock concentration
  • the concentration range of the gradient
  • the final assay volume

File export

Once all errors and warnings have been dealt with (see Errors and Warnings) then the dispense files can be exported. Note that there are a range of different export file options:

  • Select the ‘dragonfly CSV’ file type for dispensing with dragonfly.
  • Select ‘Excel’ for manual dispense information or for records.
  • Select ‘Reagent Details file’ for a summary of the required reagents information such as required volume and required stock concentrations.
  • Select ‘Text’ to output all information to a simple text file.
  • Select ‘PDF’ for manual dispense information or for records for plate types of up to 96 wells.

Saving the design

You can save the designer file for your records or for future use/modification by clicking on the
Save symbol next to Export or use Ctrl+S (‘save’) / Ctrl+Shift+S (‘save as’). ‘designer files’ end in the .dfy file-type, and contain all the components, regions, and gradient definitions. Use:

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