Software overview - 11.4 Select mode

Once chameleon has finished homing, it shows the Select Mode screen. 

Input your session information then choose a workflow. 


The Operator and Project information will be displayed on the generate report page.  

Select Screening Session when you are planning to freeze grids at multiple different dispense-to-plunge times (i.e. 1 grid frozen at 1000ms, 1 grid at 500ms, 1 grid at 250ms and 1 grid at 101ms). 

Select Targeted Session when you are planning to freeze at a single dispense-to-plunge time (i.e. 4 grids, all frozen at 101ms). 

The Prepare Grids workflow is the standard choice when starting a session, but if something had occurred e.g. a software crash, to end your previous session without cleaning chameleon at the end of that workflow, it is essential that you run the Clean Dispenser workflow at the earliest opportunity to prevent damage to your instrument. You may also need to use Retrieve Grids in this situation.

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