Software overview - 11.15 Prepare grids workflow - review dispense video

This is a time critical step. 

During the plunge process, a video will be collected as the grid passes in front of the camera on the way to the cryogen bowl. When plunging at 54 ms, only an image is recorded, not a video. 

The last frame prior to the tweezers entering the field of view is automatically displayed for you to review. This frame should be used to assess whether the grid should be accepted or rejected.  

Wicking Reference Images are displayed to help you consistently screen your grids. Keep in mind that there is an additional amount of time from the last frame to the ethane cup and the grids will continue to wick during this time.  

Video control buttons can still be used to step through the video (arrows/slider bar). 


The Increase Contrast button (on both the two-stripe characterization page and the plunge review pages for both two-stripe and one-stripe modes) can be used to display the image with higher contrast (see below for an example). This can be helpful when working with very fast wicking grids. The stripe can sometimes be seen more easily in this mode even when a grid is quite overwicked. 


Press the Accept Grid button to place the grid into the next available slot in the button or press the Reject Grid button to remove the grid from the cryogen bowl and place it in the disposal area of the grid holder, followed by the drying of the tweezers.

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