Safety - 1.1 Warnings

Read this manual before operating chameleon. The instrument is designed to be used by trained personnel. 

Do not modify the instrument. 

Do not attempt to defeat chameleon's guarding and safety circuits; they are there for your protection. Defeating either is dangerous and may result in serious injury.

  Warning symbols used on the instrument and in this manual
general warning


Warning: read the instructions to understand the possible hazard. It could be a health hazard for personnel, a machine safety issue or a risk to machine or process integrity.
electrical warning


Danger: electrical shock hazard
pinch point warning


Danger: pinch point hazard


Warning: Protective Conductor Terminal - The Protective Conductor must be connected for safety reasons. Check that the power cable has the proper earth wire, and it is properly connected. It is not safe to operate this unit without the Protective Conductor Terminal connected. 


Information: the manual contains specific information which you need to be aware of. 
cryogen warning


Cryogenic temperature: liquid nitrogen and liquid ethane may be present.
asphyxiation warning


Risk of asphyxiation: gaseous nitrogen and ethane may be present.
explosion warning


Risk of explosion
biohazard warning



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