Running the system - 10.1 Consumables

10.1.1 Consumables


The illustration above is reproduced inside of the top cabinet to indicate where each consumable needs to be placed. It gives the part number for ordering consumables from SPT Labtech. 

IMPORTANT: Only use chameleon sample vials, use of other vials may result in damage to the dispense head. 

10.1.2 Dispensing cleaning vial

Methanol is used during the dispenser cleaning and setup cycles. You must load new clean vials and methanol when requested to do so by the software.  


IMPORTANT: Do not use Eppendorf vials, this may result in damage to the dispenser head. 

10.1.3 Dispensing cleaning pad

The wiping material is retained in position by a small magnetic keeper.


When necessary, replace the wipe pads. The need to replace the dispenser tip cleaning pad will arise through use. chameleon software keeps track of usage and alerts you when the pad needs replacing. 

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