Lower cabinet - 8.2 Humidifier

biohazard warning

The unit will release any bacteria present in the water by atomization. Do not allow the humidifier unit to become contaminated. Follow the recommended  cleaning intervals.


general warningWarning! Do not place your fingers into the water bath when the unit is operational. Risk of injury from the fan.


The system requires that the relative humidity in the shroud be kept at 75-85%. A humidifier, located in the lower cabinet produces humid air which is then fed to the shroud via a mist separator. 

humidifier8.2.1 Water Feed Bottle

Check the level in the water feed bottle before starting to use chameleon. You can refill it at any time.

8.2.2 Humidifier Base

High humidity vapor is produced in the humidifier base by a pair of nebulizers. These must not be operated dry; the software warns you if the system is running low of water and has a protective lock out if the water level falls below a minimum.

humidifier base

The unit is powered from a flying lead which connects to the socket located at the rear of the lower cabinet. 

8.2.3 Mist Separator Stack

The mist separator stack can be removed for cleaning.

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