Automated sample preparation zone - 7.1 Sample loading station

The sample loading station allows you to load your samples into chameleon and the dispenser to
interact with the sample: It consists of:

  1. temperature controlled sample storage vial position
  2. sample vial
  3. dispenser cleaning vial
  4. water and chamclean ports (chamclean is the proprietary cleaning solution which is used to clean the dispenser), and dispenser wash station
  5. dispenser head cleaning pad, referred to as the 'nose wipe pad' in software
  6. dispenser inspection station (camera and illumination)

sample loading station7.1.1 Wash station

The dispense head is washed in chamclean and de-ionized water in an overflow type wash station mounted on the sample station. This is automatically controlled by the instrument and you only need to ensure that the water and chamclean source bottles do not run dry, and that the waste bottle is emptied as required. 

The software prompts you to check the status of the bottles, at the start of a session.  

IMPORTANT: Failure to empty the waste bottle before it fills will result in waste liquid being sucked into the vacuum pump. Always check the waste level before use.

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