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Synthetic biology

Automation at the heart of gene synthesis

Careful management of bioparts and glycerol stocks is fundamental to gene synthesis. With multiple process steps and components, maintaining order is critical to efficient operation. Our automated storage systems provide secure sample tracking and easy access to bioparts, all stored in optimal conditions.

Bringing order to chaos

Taking care of your samples so you can focus on science.

easy and secure access to samples

vending machine style access to samples

save hours of manual searching

single vial retrieval in seconds

never lose a sample

100% sample tracking

choose most suitable labware for application

compatible with a wide range of sample tubes

free-up valuable lab space space

contents of three manual freezers in one automated store

assured reliability

novel pneumatic transport of sample tubes

Making the complex simple

Access to multiple bioparts and glycerol stocks and keeping track of multiple components can become a major challenge as libraries grow. Our automated stores make light work of sample picking, able to place 96 requested samples into specified positions in an SBS rack in as little as 10 minutes. This common format is compatible with other automation such as capper/decappers and liquid handling systems. This maximizes process efficiency and simplifies the challenging task of tracking multiple parallel synthesis reactions.

Fully automated low volume synthesis workflows

Utilizing novel low volume 2D barcoded sample tubes, required bioparts can be cherry picked from arktic® or comPOUND® storage systems and transferred directly to the mosquito liquid handler. Low volume assembly reactions (uL or even sub uL total volume) can be prepared directly from the storage tube by the mosquito, preparing complex permutations of reaction mixes that are almost impossible to produce manually.

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