Versatile liquid handling for hit-to-lead screening

Reliable and cost effective solutions for low volume hit picking, serial dilutions and bulk reagent dispensing.

CP2 workcell

High speed, low volume hit picking from plates

mosquito® X1 is designed for automated low volume hit picking. It offers precision sampling from any individual well in any plate with or without a foil seal. This enables researchers to quickly select small volumes of hits from a variety of primary screening plates and transfer them directly into assay ready plates for the next screening stage. Full walk-away automation is available when coupled with the cherry picker II integrated workcell

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Serial dillution

Efficiency for low volume serial dilutions

Positive displacement tips can not only aspirate and dispense low volumes accurately, they can also mix efficiently, enabling low volume (1 µL) direct, or semi-direct serial dilutions to be prepared quickly and reliably by mosquito LV. Multiple assay ready plates can be stamped out directly with ultra low dead volumes of <0.2 µL.

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dragonfly discovery - tips and plate

Reliable and accurate reagent dispensing

dragonfly discovery® enables complex and rapid assay set up by reliably and accurately dispensing multiple reagents into any plate format (96, 384 and 1,536). The use of positive displacement, non-contact disposable tips enables the dispensing of up to 10 independent reagents. These can be added to wells in different volumes, in a specified sequence and with pre-defined incubation times.

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