Next generation ELISA for hit-to-lead discovery

A new approach to hit confirmation that delivers data-driven decisions faster, within budget and with confidence.

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Overcome the barriers

Laborious multi-step and error-prone ELISA protocols limit throughput and data consistency. Alternative solutions improve data robustness and workflow productivity but screening costs are high.

Overcome these barriers with the sol-R immunoassay platform; mirrorball® and sol-RTM toolbox reagents. A versatile, no-wash, multiplex immunoassay solution that delivers on every level. Watch your costs go down and your productivity go up.

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Rapid hit profiling using multiplexed sandwich immunoassays

Whether confirming hits from HTS, or investigating potential off-target effects using multi-analyte detection panels, the pace of discovery can be increased without obliterating consumables budgets.

No specialist techniques or services are required to custom build your own assay panel. You simply use your favored antibody pairs and sol-R toolbox reagents at your bench.

Consolidate up to 20 ELISA assays into one productive sol-R reagent assay in just two steps and save up to 90% sample and costs versus ELISA.

  • Step 1: Miniaturize standard 96-well ELISA single-plex assays into 384-well format
  • Step 2: multiplex up to five analytes together in a single well

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Enhanced workflows for monitoring immune responses

Cytokines are widely studied modulators of the immune system and are often detected using ELISA. We have developed an alternative no-wash, multiplex fluorescence-based approach to quantitate up to five cytokines in samples such as blood lysates, sera, or cell culture supernatants using commercially available antibody pairs. Together, mirroball and sol-R toolbox reagents offer the following advantages over standard ELISA:

  • reagent cost reduction
  • physiological limits of detection and wide dynamic range
  • multiplexing without compromising data quality
  • minimal hands on time, automation friendly protocols

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The no-wash workflow

Accurate confirmation and characterisation of hits from screening campaigns requires a workflow that provides gold standard data and better utilizes the skills of laboratory scientists.

Our mix and read automation-friendly protocols couldn’t be simpler, freeing operators of mundane multi-step, multi-wash ELISAs and reducing the opportunity for error.

Simply choose your model, add, mix and read!

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